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General Discussion

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Better FPS Tricks?
By _Pear
a week ago
ClassiCube Discussion

Discuss features, ideas, bugs, things, stuff, and blocks.

Keep discussion tame.

getting error 00000003 when joining the server or trying to play single player
By UnknownShadow200
20 hours ago

Tutorials of and relating to, but not limited to, ClassiCube. Read the pinned topics!

classicube in linux mint?
By SpearsOfJustice
3 weeks ago
ClassiCube Server Discussion

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Can BisectHosting be used to host a server? Are there cheaper alternatives?
By awab4444
5 days ago
Video Games

There's a good chance you're supposed to talk about video games here.

Minecraft Alpha 1.2.3_04 anarchy server (anarchy arcade)
By tex50
Fri Mar 15 at 21:36:59

Do you enjoy programming? No? Huh. Well, whatever, talk about that sort of stuff here!

battle royale in cc
By awab4444
Sat Mar 9 at 18:25:10
Forum/Website Suggestions

Stick your requests for things like 'hack this user' buttons and 'like' buttons.

Timezone Request
By UnknownShadow200
Fri Dec 28 at 13:17:42 (2018)