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General Discussion

Discuss stuff about stuff here!

Cant login
By UnknownShadow200
3 days ago
ClassiCube Discussion

Discuss features, ideas, bugs, things, stuff, and blocks.

Keep discussion tame.

The toxicity of most of Classicube's community
By MinecraftClass
35 minutes ago

Tutorials of and relating to, but not limited to, ClassiCube. Read the pinned topics!

How to be a block in classicube
By Cantaloupe
a week ago
ClassiCube Server Discussion

Own a server? Consider making a topic about it here!

Don't make threads about griefers.

Only one thread per server!

Give me suggestions: Which blocks from popular Minecraft Mods to add to my server?
By megaboi
a day ago
Video Games

There's a good chance you're supposed to talk about video games here.

By Skid1288
2 weeks ago

Do you enjoy programming? No? Huh. Well, whatever, talk about that sort of stuff here!

Should I code in Fortran or COBOL
By Excruciated
5 days ago
Forum/Website Suggestions

Stick your requests for things like 'hack this user' buttons and 'like' buttons.

By megaboi
4 days ago