Keep in mind that the Dreamcast port is in early alpha. It will likely crash, freeze, perform poorly, etc.
Please report any issues you encounter on the ClassiCube discord.

The Dreamcast port is built upon the KallistiOS (BSD licensed) SDK and GLdc (BSD2 licensed) rendering library

Default control scheme

  • D-Pad - player movement
  • Stick - camera movement
  • L - Place block
  • R - Delete block
  • Start - Menu click, pause screen toggle
  • A - Jump
  • X - Open inventory
  • Y - Open chat
  • B + L - speed
  • B + R - fly
  • B + X - noclip
  • B + up - fly up
  • B + down - fly down

Text input

If a Dreamcast mouse is connected, mouse input will be accepted from it.

If a Dreamcast keyboard is connected, keyboard input will be accepted from it.

Otherwise, a virtual onscreen keyboard will be displayed when necessary.

The Virtual keyboard recognises the following inputs:
  • D-pad movement - adjusts cursor position
  • Joystick movement - adjusts cursor position
  • Start - clicks currently selected button
  • Select - closes the virtual keyboard
  • B - closes the virtual keyboard
  • A - clicks currently selected button
  • X - performs a backspace
  • Y - inputs a @
  • L - inputs a space
  • R - inputs a /

File Storage

If an SD card is usable, the Dreamcast port will store and load data from the /ClassiCube folder on the SD card.

Otherwise, the Dreamcast port does not support reading or storing any data, but does have the ClassiCube texture pack built-in to it.


Download (.cdi)

If you know exactly what you are doing, you can download the .elf instead