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Windows (421.04KB)
MD5: 6ea32479108fb8821cc2cb92ed96e801
Mac OS/Linux (Mono) (407.60KB)
MD5: 5e5bf1038a592c59af0af87c4ed655fd

Latest stable version was released Sat Sep 15 at 13:31:14.

Get involved

You can help us out! Our Github project contains the complete client source code, as well as some issues you can go through and try to fix.

Of course, if you aren't a programmer, you can test for bugs! Look for anything suspicious that shouldn't be happening with the game, launcher, or site, and report it to the appropriate issue tracker.

Here are some recent commits from the client github project!

  • ce400e - more rewrite for c90by UnknownShadow200
  • 870a38 - more cleanupby UnknownShadow200
  • 86a4e9 - more minor code cleanupby UnknownShadow200
  • 8c8094 - Fix wrong spawnpoint being savedby UnknownShadow200
  • 8e0894 - Cleanup Formats.cby UnknownShadow200
  • 4e7948 - more of the sameby UnknownShadow200
  • a483f1 - Cleanup Builder.Cby UnknownShadow200
  • d769fa - fix missing forward declaration in Window.hby UnknownShadow200
  • 95f9d5 - Call glHint(GL_FOG_HINT, GL_NICEST) to try to get pixel fog UnknownShadow200
  • a146eb - Cleanup String file, integrate DisplayDevice into Platformby UnknownShadow200


Spooktober server up!

Hosted by our very own _123DMWM, we've opened up an exclusively Halloween-themed server that will remain up and highlighted until just before Halloween.

I've also made a forum thread for y'all to spook it up in. Go there, now!

Happy October!

Posted 2 weeks ago by AndrewPH

End of September Update

Hello all, welcome back to the front page.


We've hit 2 whole patrons so far. More turnout than I was honestly expecting at this point. We're only 13 patrons away from pushing for a steam release. Our primary obstacles for that are creating original music, textures, and sounds.

To recognize our patrons, I've created a page that will show the ClassiCube account (if applicable) of any patrons that wish to be listed. Go there now!

Remember, our goals are only possible with your help!

Patreon shoutouts

Thank you brickster for being the first Patron and becoming a supreme being.

Website changes

To facilitate the use of the website on mobile devices, I've implemented a few usability improvements. Check us out on your phone- it works great!

Post on the forums if there are specific changes you think should be done to the website.

Nifty Servers

No nifty servers this time. Remember, if you have a unique (not freebuild) server, let us know. It might even get highlighted on the server list!


Spooktober is coming soon! Get ready to make some spooky builds - you might even get featured on here. I'll make a thread on the forums next week to show off your Halloween builds.


I'm toying with the idea of adding a visual editor for forum posting. No promises, but who knows?

That's all, folks!

Till next time, nerds.

(As an extra, enjoy this gigapicture of most of the skins)

Posted 2 weeks ago by AndrewPH

Hark, a patreon!

After deliberation with some of the community, I've decided to start a Patreon for ClassiCube.

You can help support the game and major contributors, with a fund set aside for bug bounties, feature bounties, server costs, domain costs, and more!

Supporting us is easy - just click the button below and choose a tier to join.

Our Patron list page won't be active until a few people starting patron-ing, and thankposting won't start until a little later, but rest assured I'll get to it all.

Thank you for your everlasting support!

Posted 3 weeks ago by AndrewPH