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Latest stable version was released 3 weeks ago.

Get involved

You can help us out! Our GitHub project contains the complete client source code, as well as some issues you can go through and try to fix.

Of course, if you aren't a programmer, you can test for bugs! Look for anything suspicious that shouldn't be happening with the game, launcher, or site, and report it to the appropriate issue tracker.

Here are some recent commits from the client github project!

  • c7c265 - Remove internal methods from TexturePack.hby UnknownShadow200
  • 29fd1a - Export Stream_Read/Stream_Write to plugins There is UnknownShadow200
  • e4b3a8 - move gfx option loading into graphics.cby UnknownShadow200
  • d3e2bd - Make keypad behave same as windows/text editors when num UnknownShadow200
  • 3509ae - Remove unused freetype CID codeby UnknownShadow200
  • d956f2 - Remove unused postscript font name stuffby UnknownShadow200
  • 3e0e83 - Combine PickedPos and RayTracer into one structby UnknownShadow200
  • 37109c - pass Vec3 by address instead of copy in Pickingby UnknownShadow200
  • 6ad7ba - Cleanup MapNativeKey for Windowsby UnknownShadow200
  • 8a0c08 - Fix if motd is changed to -hax +thirdperson, you are still UnknownShadow200


Experimental "Dark Mode" added to site

Hey all,

I threw together a basic "dark mode" style for the site. You can try it out by going to your account panel and toggling the appropriate setting.

Let me know what you think


Posted Sat Dec 28 at 15:02:31 (2019) by AndrewPH

Happy Winter Holiday Season!

Hey all, hope you're all having a wonderful winter time. Right now we've got ClassiCube on sale for 79% off on Steam, so now's a good opportunity to buy it up for your friends and help support the running costs of the game. Go there now!

Everybody remember to stay safe, don't drink and drive, and do your best to be your best.

Thanks for stopping by!

Posted Sat Dec 21 at 15:32:18 (2019) by AndrewPH

Happy Thanksgiving!

Howdy all! Just poking in to say Happy Thanksgiving to all who celebrate. To those who don't- Happy Thursday!

We've got a hefty deal coming up on Steam for the upcoming Winter Sale, so keep your eyes open and stay woke so you can buy all your friends the #1 best seller on Steam - ClassiCube.

Posted Thu Nov 28 at 16:33:12 (2019) by AndrewPH