The DS ClassiCube port works on DS and DSi devices.

Keep in mind that the DS port is in early alpha. It will likely crash, freeze, perform poorly, etc.
Please report any issues you encounter on the ClassiCube discord.

The DS port is built upon the BlocksDS SDK

Default control scheme

  • D-Pad - player movement
  • L - Place block
  • R - Delete block
  • Touch screen - camera movement
  • Start - Menu click, pause screen toggle
  • Select - Menu back
  • A - Jump
  • X - Open inventory
  • Y - Open chat
  • B + L - speed
  • B + R - fly
  • B + X - noclip
  • B + up - fly up
  • B + down - fly down

Text input

When required, a virtual keyboard will be displayed on the bottom screen.

File Storage

The DS port will store and load data from an SD card.


Your DS/DSi needs to be capable of running homebrew.


Note: Due to lack of SSL support, if you sign in, your account password is transmitted in plaintext