Hosting your own server

So you want to host your own server for ClassiCube? Great! You will need server software. Original Minecraft software will not work. You need a custom server that has an option to use our service. Your options are currently...

  • MCGalaxy -- MCForge derivative with new features and proper ClassiCube support. [Site] [Download]
  • LegendCraft -- Powerful fCraft/800Craft based server, feature packed with plugins and configurability. [Site] [Download]
    • Updated version with fixes available from [here]
  • MCDzienny -- A very robust software, full of commands and configuration. [Site]
  • fCraft -- Fully-featured multiworld server, with player ranks and many commands. [Download]
  • FemtoCraft -- Simple server, faithful to the original Minecraft experience. Supports CPE [Download]
  • D3 -- Extremely powerful, lua-extended server written in PureBasic. [Site] [Download]

Note: Running a server may require port forwarding. Please use a guide, such as

fCraft and femtoCraft are confirmed to work with Mono 3.0 and may work with lower versions. For maximum compatibility, we suggest using Mono 3.0 or higher.

For troubleshooting or any software-related help, please contact the developers of the software you're trying to use.

Other information

Our client automatically obeys MOTD rules. Currently-supported rules are...

  • +hax / -hax - Enable or disable all hacks for everybody.
  • +fly / -fly - Enable or disables the ability to fly for everybody.
  • +noclip / -noclip - Enable or disables the ability to noclip through blocks for everybody.
  • +respawn / -respawn - Enable or disables the ability to respawn for everybody.
  • +speed / -speed - Enable or disables the ability to move faster than walking speed for everybody.
  • +ophax - Enables all hacks for server operators. Overrides any other rules.

To use any of these, simply put them somewhere in your MOTD where the user will see them. Our client will take care of the rest.

Additional rules may be supported by other clients. We do not promise that these rules will work in all clients, only that they will work with ours.

Developers: See our API documentation for how to send heartbeats, and more.

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