Note: Game data is stored alongside the exe, so you should move ClassiCube out of your downloads folder.


Windows (64 bit) Windows (32 bit)

Works on Windows 98 and all later versions.


macOS (64 bit) macOS (32 bit)

Works on macOS 10.5 and later versions.

You will need to double click ClassiCube.tar.gz to extract the executable file


Linux (64 bit) Linux (32 bit) Raspberry pi

libcurl and libopenal are required. You may need to install these via your package manager.

You should be able to extract the executable file by right clicking ClassiCube.tar.gz > Extract here

If that does not work, type this into terminal: tar -xvf ClassiCube.tar.gz

Android (alpha)


Works on Android 2.3 and later versions.

Keep in mind the Android version is in early alpha. It will likely crash, freeze, perform poorly, etc.