Classic is back in action!

ClassiCube is a free and easy-to-use substitute for Minecraft Classic, an early version of the popular game Minecraft, only better.

With our client, you'll be building amazing things, playing fun minigames, and roleplaying in no time at all! We've even added features that will improve your time playing. Servers can, for example, change the sky color, light color, enable new blocks, and more!

Get started

We've got new blocks!

One of the new features of ClassiCube, CPE, allows server developers to enable a brand new set of optional blocks, among other things.

These blocks were among those chosen by the community, picked because they give you more options when building. Previously, if you wanted brown in your pixel art or building, you'd have to use dirt. Now you don't have to settle for dirt!


Looking for our client? Just click one of the buttons below, extract the files, and you'll be playing in no time!

Windows (418.57KB)
MD5: 40f9a2f116036b01c6b26ad82bcc4af3
Linux/OSX (via Mono or Wine) (418.11KB)
MD5: fad2bc6f811b6f6f4f78d5643051ee1e

Latest stable version was released a week ago.

Get involved

You can help us out! Our Github project contains the complete client source code, as well as some issues you can go through and try to fix.

Of course, if you aren't a programmer, you can test for bugs! Look for anything suspicious that shouldn't be happening with the game, launcher, or site, and report it to the appropriate issue tracker.

Here are some recent commits from the client github project!

  • b24d84 - Server connection always ticks 60 times/second. (Singleplay UnknownShadow200
  • 3cdcad - Forgot missing offsetType <= 7 in last commitby UnknownShadow200
  • dc3d17 - Implement sprite offseting (Thanks goodlyay)by UnknownShadow200
  • 7dccf9 - Combine Event.h/Events.hby UnknownShadow200
  • c5c2e5 - More consistent C constant namingby UnknownShadow200
  • 2539ac - Port TextAtlas to UnknownShadow200
  • ff404d - Work some more on C StringsBufferby UnknownShadow200
  • 4bb289 - Fix crash when pressing R while map was loadingby UnknownShadow200
  • fa1871 - Combine Block.c/DefaultSet.c, rename all BlockId to BLOCKby UnknownShadow200
  • ac3568 - Introduce a little bit of variation in block break particle UnknownShadow200
  • a45716 - Block place sounds shouldn't play in classic mode. (Thanks UnknownShadow200


Email verification required from now on

Although in the past email addresses of accounts were not verified, this lack of verification was repeatedly abused.

As such, registering a new account will now require clicking on a verification link sent in the registration email. Unverified accounts are still able to access the website, but will not be able to post on the forums or join multiplayer servers.

Unfortunately, some email providers block's mail server. Although we're working to resolve these issues, in the mean time, newly registered accounts will become automatically verified 24 hours after registering.

Posted Fri Jun 9 at 1:07:51 by UnknownShadow200

Take care of your account credentials!

Recently, a modified client was distributed offering x-ray capabilities. While that functionality (apparently) worked fine, that client also collected user passwords and sent them to the creator of the modification.

Due to this, we will no longer allow anybody to post clients that use ClassiCube accounts on our forums, other than links to our own domain.

In the future, be careful who and what you trust with your password! We go to great lengths to ensure that our software is easy to check for malicious behavior, including having it be completely open-source.

Play safe, Andrew

Posted Fri Jun 3 at 17:23:56 (2016) by AndrewPH

We've officially switched to ClassicalSharp!

Our download links should now all link to the latest release of ClassicalSharp!

This new client is much faster, and performs well on a much wider range of hardware. It also supports many new CPE extensions. For example, it supports DefineBlocks, which will allow servers to add their own blocks to the game! Support for that extension is not widespread yet, and support is still considered experimental.

With this, we encourage you all to switch to our new client. The old one will continue to function until we are forced to take it down, but it will receive no new updates, and will not be fixed if something happens to break it.

But what if I use Linux or Mac OSX?

Not to worry! ClassicalSharp works perfectly on many Linux distributions under the versions of Mono available in their package repositories.

ClassicalSharp has also been confirmed to work on Mac OSX under Mono. Compatibility may vary, and you may run into some odd bugs, as none of us have a Mac to test each update on, but it should work Well Enoughâ„¢.

With this major change, we'd like to thank you for staying with us through this long year. We had stopped updating ClassiCube-Client a long time ago, and I made the decision to get the ball rolling to move us to a new client. I'm happy to present it, more than a full month ahead of schedule, as I finally feel that it's in good enough shape to be used by the masses.

We here at ClassiCube hope you have a fantastic time building, destroying, roleplaying, lava-surviving, flag-capturing, or griefing!

Posted Sun Nov 15 at 22:14:37 (2015) by AndrewPH