Welcome to ClassiCube, a block-based game that you will enjoy for a very long time!

ClassiCube is an extension of Minecraft Classic, which has been described as a "virtual bin of LEGO blocks". Our version of Minecraft Classic includes many bug fixes and performance improvements (read: it runs faster and has less problems!) and includes a brand new and optional set of blocks for your enjoyment.

Some improvements include...

  • A standalone client that works with both our website AND Minecraft.net!
  • The ability to load new texture packs (which allows you to re-skin almost every part of the game, including the menu buttons!)
  • A better framerate limiter that will lock your framerate to 60 instead of a random number!
  • HD texture support!
  • A brand new set of 16 optional and attractive blocks!
  • The ability to upload a character skin for FREE!

If you're an avid fan of Minecraft and you've been around minecraft.net lately, you probably noticed that Mojang removed all links to Minecraft Classic!

We thought this was absolutely terrible. After all, while Minecraft Premium is EXCELLENT (capitals AND bold, wow!), Minecraft Classic has a certain charm to it, and we felt that everybody should have a chance to experience it.

With tons of support from Classic client and server developers, we've created a brand new extension of Classic that builds upon what the original classic was - an excellent time-wasting game. With full control over the client, we took it upon ourselves to add things to it, including the Classic Protocol Extension, a way of adding new things (including a new set of blocks) to classic, while still allowing old servers to allow new clients, and new servers to allow old clients, without breaking anything!

So what are you waiting for? Sign up! It's super easy, and best of all, it's free! Who knows, maybe you'll meet more friends here!