Classic is back in action!

ClassiCube is a free and easy-to-use substitute for Minecraft Classic, an early version of the popular game Minecraft, only better.

With our client, you'll be building amazing things, playing fun minigames, and roleplaying in no time at all! We've even added features that will improve your time playing. Servers can now change the sky color, light color, enable new blocks, and more!

Our client works with all servers on our server list, as well as all servers on the server list. This means you can play with your friends in hundreds of servers!

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We've got new blocks!

One of the new features of ClassiCube, CPE, allows server developers to enable a brand new set of blocks, among other things.

These blocks were among those chosen by the community, picked because they give you more options when building. Previously, if you wanted brown in your pixel art or building, you'd have to use dirt. Now you don't have to settle for dirt!


Looking for our client? Just click one of the buttons below and you'll be playing in no time!

Windows Linux/Mac OS Source Code

Get involved

You can help us out! Our Github project contains the complete client source code, as well as some issues you can go through and try to fix.

Of course, if you aren't a programmer, you can test for bugs! Look for anything suspicious that shouldn't be happening with the game, launcher, or site, and report it to the appropriate issue tracker.

Here are some recent commits from the client github project!

  • 811155 - Fix for sheep_fur texture Sheep_Fur texture was not being 123DMWM
  • 993c86 - Reconnecting artifacts Some variables were being carried over 123DMWM
  • a7c4f1 - More accurate block selection based on height Model head 123DMWM
  • cc32a2 - Merge pull request #310 from SoniEx2/master Refactor Matvei Stefarov
  • 84bf15 - Fix for fog bug in last commit Water/Lava Fog now correctly 123DMWM
  • 4b56c6 - Added height/name offset for models Player names are now 123DMWM
  • 7c371c - Fix/Feature for noclip block rendering Made it so when you 123DMWM
  • 2c1c43 - Fix for noclip bug Other players no longer push you when you 123DMWM
  • b405ae - Fix for skin download bug Players where the server was sending 123DMWM
  • 6f8d7d - Fix for EnvMapAppearance bug A null terrain image file 123DMWM
  • 9ed692 - Fix for edge texture bugs Servers not sending an 123DMWM


New design rolling out

I've started rolling out a new design that will take some time to effect the entire site.

This will enable me to redesign some poorly-thought-out parts of the site easily.

If you have any suggestions or complaints, please direct them to this forum. Thanks!

Posted Wed Oct 22 at 9:33:22 (2014) by AndrewPH

Forums are now publically-viewable.

After much head-scratching and whatnot, I've made the forums completely visible to guests who don't have accounts. This means you can send links to people and they won't have to log in! Amazing!

Posted Wed Aug 6 at 23:29:05 (2014) by AndrewPH

Downtime due to hard drive failure

Hey guys! Just calling in to let you all know why we were down for 24 hours on August 1st.

Our server's host machine had a critical hard drive failure, causing all the data on the node to be lost!

Luckily, I keep backups every so often. In fact, one from that morning was sitting on my computer! I just had to wait until our host's employees recreated our server on a new host machine.

I would like to apologize to everybody for any amount of inconvenience this caused. I'm just glad that I had my backups.

Moral of the story: Back things up, guys.

Posted Sat Aug 2 at 23:37:32 (2014) by AndrewPH

New heartbeat feature!

Server developers can choose to send a new parameter, "software", when heartbeating. This will show up in /api/serverlist and may someday be shown on the serverlist, if it doesn't get abused.

Posted Mon Jun 2 at 19:45:39 (2014) by AndrewPH

Sorry about the unscheduled downtime on May 11th!

The host our server is on was taken down temporarily for unscheduled maintenance. We should be up and running 100% and we expect no further downtime in the next few months.

Posted Mon May 12 at 9:05:47 (2014) by AndrewPH