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hello people
a day ago
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Do you want a texture pack? (Texture pack conversion requests)
By xpandax
a day ago

Tutorials of and relating to, but not limited to, ClassiCube. Read the pinned topics!

How to Support protocol of "mc://serverip/playername/hash"?
By lykakspars
8 hours ago
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Classical Lava Survival
By jesus11q
3 days ago
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There's a good chance you're supposed to talk about video games here.

By 123DontMessWitMe
Sat Apr 8 at 19:09:02

Do you enjoy programming? No? Huh. Well, whatever, talk about that sort of stuff here!

HOW i can get the new client
By UnknownShadow200
a week ago
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Stick your requests for things like 'hack this user' buttons and 'like' buttons.

will there ever be an OFFICIAL android port?
By _Pear
3 weeks ago