Hey I need help to making custom commands for my MCGalaxy Server IronCraft (Which you propably know about). I just need a basic tutorial on how to create a command. Specifically a command that displays text but no other action. Thank you!

Posted Sun Apr 17 at 20:28:45 (2016)


Please help

Posted Mon Apr 18 at 12:47:19 (2016)


Do you want the official way of adding a command through an IDE and compiling the source? Or would you rather have a short tutorial on the in-game commands for making other commands/plugins? The second option is ideal for beginners, however the first option will help you more in the long run as well as progressing towards more advanced additions for your server.

Posted Sun May 1 at 7:29:05 (2016)


ironnoyes posted:

Please help

I miss you.

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Excellent necro post.

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