There are some aspects of this game that are a lot different than the previous World at war and black ops 1 zombies. Some pros and cons that is, but is still a good game.

Pros: new gumball machine that lets you have more individual perks. New weapons in random box as well as wall weapons. New pack a punch rules: you can now pack a punch a gun 2 times, the second effect either gives the effect turned, blast furnace, electric shock, firework. One of those effects can be added to the gun at a time. Pack a punching the gun for a 3rd time changes the effect only.

Cons: limited trip mines. You can only place 2 mines on a map at a time. I used to stack these up in a secret spot, but now I can't which is a downside. The mines also don't give you points when they explode! :(

This is still a great game. Please post of any glitches or pros and cons.

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