GemsCraft Alpha 0.0 Released

alexpotter96 TheNerdBoy 2 weeks ago


Available for Windows only...

A Classicube Server Software brought to you by Alex Potter (aka apotter96)

This software was forked from LegendCraft, meaning it is based on LegendCraft, 800Craft, and fCraft. I find the fCraft platform to be the best out of all the server softwares available today, especially with the additions brought to you by 800Craft and LegendCraft. With the fCraft platform, I see endless possibilities, and I plan on making endless possibilities!

Some new features that have been are json config instead of xml, redesigned fCraft ConfigGUI, and EditConfig commands available

If you are willing to be an alpha and/or beta tester of GemsCraft, contact me on Facebook at or by email at [email protected]

The software is now available for download at or from

Good AKA Goodly a week ago

But does it have anything that is actually useful, like support for custom blocks and textures?

alexpotter96 TheNerdBoy a week ago

Good, it has custom blocks! I'm steadily working through the different CPE features. I just very recently finished up setting up MessageTypes, which I like how I did that and made them configurable. I plan on implementing all the CPE features, because why not? Someone will want to use them someway or another.