Sirvoid's Survival Mod !

Hey everyone ! I did a modification of the ClassicalSharp Client.

I added things for the Survival Test mode

  • PvE and PvP

  • Fall Damage

  • Inventory

  • Chests

  • A crafting system with some small crafts

  • And more !

That's still a work in progress , I'm doing that for fun and I wanted to show you guys what I did ! ^^

Server : Sirvoid's Modded Survival Server [v0.6.0]

Tutorial by Tommy100


Source Code

ClassicalSharp (Client Only):

Download This and the DirectX or OpenGl version of the mod there :

OpenGL Build

DirectX Build (Recommended for windows)


Video demonstration of the chests:

For any Feature Request/Bug/Crash please report it here



-Doors & Trapdoors now working propely in multiplayer.

-No more chest corruptions in multiplayer.

-Others small bug fix.


-Added Chests.

-Chests are saved locally in singleplayer and on the server in multiplayer.

-Added the possibility to move 1 block at a time in the inventory.

-Added Bookshelves and chest craft.


-Inventory Save (Save localy in singleplayer and on the server in multiplayer).

-iron and diamond tools.

-A new better inventory and Crafting GUI.

-The tools durability are now like the indev version.

-Changed a bit the map gen.

-Added Stone Brick craft.

-Bug Fixes with the inventory.


-Added PvP Support for the client. (Is working only on my server)


-Client-sided mobs are disabled on servers (I added server-sided mobs on my server)

-Doesn't need to put game-survivalmode=true in your option.txt file anymore.


-Added Wood and Stone Sword , Axe and Shovel.

-Temporarily removed the death message due to a bug.

-Bug fixes.


-Added Door

-Added TrapDoor

-Added Ladder

-Inventory slots are now limited to 27


-Added Diamond Ore & Diamond Block.

-Change some things in the map generator (Added diamond ore to the map generator too).

-No longer need to reopen the inventory or the crafting gui everytime you move a block inside them.

-Added stick craft.

-Added Wood and Stone Pick Craft.

-With a pick you break block faster and you deal more damage.

-Pick have durability (Wood = 60 , Stone = 132).

-Monster now have different hp.

-Monster now have different Damage.

-Fix bugs


-Sneak (Work in Creative too)

-Entity Limit

I got crashed, because it says "Classicube crashed" and etc

Y'know, I want to download the client, but I don't want to mess up my original file, so... I'm making a dupe-file just so that I can go into both survival and creative.


-Doors & Trapdoors now working propely in multiplayer.

-No more chest corruptions in multiplayer.

-Others small bug fix.

----On the Server----

-You can't break anymore chests with items inside.

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