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hello guys i am a youtuber and i wanna record a few parkour maps in na2 but when one of my oog files stops in game there is a massive delay of a minute and a half before the next song i was wondering if there is a way to possibly shorten that delay?

UnknownShadow200 🔧 Fri Feb 14 at 0:55:10 (2020)

Not without compiling the game yourself and changing the delay in the source code. (Line 868 in audio.c, the delay = 120 * 1000 one)

But you're probably better off just using a music player or similar to do this.

yea i would but atm im running everything off a laptop thats 12 years old and running streamlabs obs,discord and the game at the same time already tops off my ram at 97% used so ill mess around with the source code. what program do you reccomend to compile the code?

UnknownShadow200 🔧 Fri Feb 14 at 11:17:07 (2020)

Followup: Latest dev build now adds support for adjusting delay between music through editing options.txt

For instance to make the delay between music vary between 10-40 seconds, add this to options.txt:



thanks again boss u are awesome! ive done alot of testing with it last night and i can confirm that it works 100% prefectly

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