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Texture pack guidelines

AndrewPH time for dominate Fri Oct 25 at 19:00:10 (2013)

Changing your textures

Texture pack basics

Texture packs need to be a .ZIP file, containing a bunch of .png images. The .ZIP fileis the texture pack, and it can have any name. The texture pack, once filled with images, can then be placed into the "texturepack" folder in the client's root. In Windows, this is %appdata%/.net.classicube.client/texturepacks.

Loading a texture pack

With your .ZIP texture pack(s) inside the texturepack folder, you can press ESC in-game and select "Change texture pack...". In here, it will list the first 5 valid textures packs. If you have more, you can click "Load file" and locate it yourself. To undo all changes and to revert back to the default texture pack, click "Default texture". To cancel... click cancel.

Creating texture packs.

If you are a graphical type of person, this section is for you.

Terrain texture

Name: terrain.png

Valid size: Anything over 256x256 in pixels (as a power of 2)

Valid tiles: 16 tiles X 16 tiles only

Other info: Classicube textures are different to minecraft textures because of the extra blocks. If you do not add the extra blocks, they will be invisible. Texture animations (fire, water, lava) are disabled for custom textures. The side, edge and dirt blocks (loading screen) will be taken from this file.

Font texture

Name: default.png

Valid size: Anything over 128x128 in pixels (as a power of 2)

Valid tiles: 16 tiles X 16 tiles, with appropriate amount of spacing

Other info: Large textures appear to work fine and look great. Follow the typical spacing between tiles which the original default.png uses.

GUI texture

Name: gui.png

Valid size: Exactly 256x256

Valid tiles: Please follow this template:

Other info: Pixels outside of the template bounds for each item are expected to be ignored

Rain texture

Name: rain.png

Valid size: Exactly 64x256

Valid tiles: Please follow this template:

Other info: -

Mob texture

Name: Must match a valid model name, followed by ".png". Example: "croc.png"

Valid size: The same size of the original texture, from inside the .jar

Other info: The model for players is called "char.png" and can be changed by adding a char.png. Valid model names can be found at:


Each of the above should be placed into a .ZIP file, then the .ZIP file should be placed into the texturepack folder. Any textures you do not add to the .ZIP will not be applied. Example: You can place only a terrain.png file into the .ZIP and only the terrain will change.

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