pls someone create a server with battle royale or something like that is very cool

UnknownShadow200 🔧 Thu Aug 30 at 23:09:39 (2018)

Why though?

Kids love Fortnite, Unk.

something like pubg

Hmm i have a hungergames mode i could add.

No point in putting battle royale on this dead game.


Like tell me, not even close to 100 players play on here at the same time


Like tell me, not even close to 100 players play on here at the same time

Lmao! I know right only like 5 at a time , they need some bots to replace the people now.

What’s up with kids and fortnite




it could work with bots but it would make the game boom too with the fortnight faggots

TheChunkyDonkeh Fri Jan 11 at 15:35:16

this is honestly the last thing we need.

We don't need this.

I dislike the idea of adding a battle royale matching Fortnite, PUBG, Apex Legends etc because of their insane mind-rotting addiction and insane violence with guns. May like the concept of a Free For All PvP gamemode to be added in Classicube.

awab4444, agree.

alexpotter96 TheNerdBoy Wed Apr 24 at 16:19:50

I personally do not like battle royales. Not my type of game. However, if we could get 100+ players then that would be great, because people would play it regardless.

For everyone saying no and crying about the idea, go away. You act like as much like a child as those who do play the games like that. It's not affecting your gameplay. Player a different minigame. Ignore it. Problem solved. Thank you.