How to change your playermodel. Using the /model command

DatUnepicGuy Mon Jul 1 at 6:07:27

ClassiCube has different player models, that can be used for RP, making machinimas and for having fun. The /model command works both in Singleplayer and Multiplayer. On some servers, the Builder+ rank is required in order to use this command. To set your playermodel, type /model modelname to the chat, the example is: /model human. Model list: [human] [humanoid] [sit] [chibi] (chibi is the kid model) [zombie] [skeleton] [creeper] [spider] [chicken] [pig] [sheep] (remove the brackets). You can use the block models, see IDs in block menu.

N3cr0m4nc3r Thu Aug 29 at 0:28:12

hello what are the controls for the game?


hello what are the controls for the game?

press f to toggle fog

thank you aleks

you're welcome goodly

The_Doctor123 Sun Sep 1 at 21:55:42

press f to toggle fog

Xx321Skye123xX 2 weeks ago

PS, for the full grass block, use any ID which isn't used at that time on the server.