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Classicube Compatible Texture Packs

123DontMessWitMe Special Tue Oct 22 at 14:56:59 (2013)

If you have made your own texture packs and would like to show them off, this is the thread for you. If you don't know how to make a texture pack and would like to try it out you can follow this simple guideline Here The only problem with textures packs so far is animated textures break, once they have implemented them I will update my texture pack.

I have made my own, and it's full CPE compatible. And I would love for you to try it out.

->123DMWM's 64x Default Texture Pack<- Example

You can download it Here

Have fun, and go make some awesome texture packs!


AndrewPH time for dominate Wed Oct 23 at 5:27:07 (2013)

Looks super excellent, DMWM!


Looks super excellent, DMWM!

Coolest texurepack but it looks good

Very good Idea. It looks nice 123.

123DontMessWitMe Special Thu Oct 24 at 19:53:00 (2013)

Thanks everyone. Also any and all suggestions/feedback is welcomed. I might even try to make it into a premium resource pack also if this gets popular.

chickenlittle512 Fri Oct 25 at 6:44:38 (2013)

How do I use it on CC?

123DontMessWitMe Special Fri Oct 25 at 11:59:59 (2013)

(Originally posted by chickenlittle512 [Link])

How do I use it on CC?

Download the zip file. Then in the game in the options click on "Change Texture Pack" click on "Load file" load the zip then click on it in the list in the game.

Very good

Thanks man, I really needed the help.


Much appreciated dude! I was really alergic to Minecraft font and those blocks are now amazing, clear and HD! Thanks man

Eh. what software u make the terrain?

123DontMessWitMe Special Wed Oct 30 at 15:09:20 (2013)

(Originally posted by popoi1234 [Link])

Eh. what software u make the terrain?

Adobe Photoshop CC 14.1

harrypotterfan74 Sun Nov 3 at 7:43:11 (2013)

Very good

I have a texturepack, but I don't know how to post it. pls help

123DontMessWitMe Special Mon Nov 4 at 1:51:11 (2013)

(Originally posted by masterofpower [Link])

I have a texturepack, but I don't know how to post it. pls help

Use an upload website, or even DropBox like I did and just post it here. Here is a template you can just put into a reply.

->TexturePack Name<-



Download [Here](.zip url location)
123DontMessWitMe Special Tue Nov 12 at 17:36:17 (2013)

Just bumping so people see :P

/me is a greedy bastard

Should all texture packs be showcased in this thread?

123DontMessWitMe Special Sun Nov 17 at 16:25:44 (2013)

That's what I was hoping for, But I didn't notice the lack of people making texture packs. And it might get better views in a new thread though anyway. :P

I was thinking that too, so I guess I will be creating a new thread for the one I made.

(Originally posted by harrypotterfan74 [Link])

Very good

Nice job dude!;)

cool ill have to give it a go

Hey 123DontMesswitMe



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