[Client] How to use texture packs

123DontMessWitMe Special Tue Apr 28 at 3:58:18 (2015)

1: Find a texturepack to use Here

2: Place in the 'texpacks' folder in the main folder/directory where you extracted ClassicalSharp to. (Where the default.zip is)


3: Go to the menu and click on "Select texture pack" and select the texturepack you want to use.



4: Done!

I found out a while ago but was being dumb but still, thanks for the help!

123DontMessWitMe Special Tue May 31 at 22:29:35 (2016)

Krazyone13 posted:

Still can't find default.zip.

Sorry, haven't updated this since it was changed around. It's in ./texpacks/ now

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