i have classicube 0.4 but it doesent have a launcher how am i suposed to run it

123DontMessWitMe Special Tue Jul 25 at 22:02:36 (2017)

Um, what? There is no ClassiCube v0.4 as far as I know.

If you're asking about ClassicalSharp 0.4, you need to compile the client and launcher yourself.

how do I do that unknownshadow

UnknownShadow200 Wed Sep 6 at 1:07:33 (2017)

I use SharpDevelop. Or, you can use this link https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B3-MgrLED0gga1FZMUY5QU9VMTQ where I compiled it for you.

Bear in mind, there is no singleplayer support, the classicube.net list does not work, and it will crash when trying to join MCGalaxy, ProCraft (and probably other software) servers. Joining a fCraft server on localhost did work for me though.


bioclassic23 Mon Jan 1 at 17:32:50

wow im on a mac and cant copy the link LOL