How do I copy blocks to another map? I just want to copy a portal model from one to another so i can use it as portals on every map. So essentially I want to take a block model from one map and have it global to every map on my MCG server.

I'm going to assume by "model" you mean a custom block. In MCGalaxy there are two types of custom blocks, "GB" for global block, and "LB" for level block.

If you want a custom block to be global for the whole server, you need to use /gb create (as opposed to /lb create which only makes a block on the map you're currently in) You can't transfer a LB to a GB. You'll have to remake the block using /gb create

After you're done making your global block, if you want it to be usable as a portal, you need to edit the block's properties with: /blockprops global [block's ID] portal true

As a side note, if you have (for example) a level named adventure_1, with some LBs in them, and you want those LBs to be cloned to another map, say, adventure_2, you can go to adventure_2 and do /lb copyall adventure_1

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